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History of China

China is located in the east of Asia. The Capital of China is Beijing. History-of-China.com provides the essence of China History.

The ancient history of China reflects the beauty of Chinese culture and morality. With more than 5000 years of history, China has a wonderful culture and splendid civilization. You can hear numerous stories and famous about emperors of various dynasties tours to China. The best thing you have to learn about history of China is on your way to the culture center of China's cities such as Xian, Nanjing and so on. From the oldest resident in China and the oldest dynasty, Xia dynasty, there have been millions of prominent people who made great contributions to the unity and development of Chinese civilization.

They include emperors like Qin Shihuang(Qin dynasty emperor), Hanwudi (Emperor of Han dynasty) and Li Shimin (emperor of Tang dynasty), and Kangxi Emperor in Qing dynasty. There were also famous scholars like Confucius (Great educator in Spring and Autumn Period), and scientists like Zhu Chongzhi and Zhangheng.

Besides them, there were also thousands of heros in China history who were remembered by modern Chinese. They are like a shining stars that living in all the heart of Chinese.It is their great contributions that made China today attractive and lovely.

5000 years have passed. The Chinese nation and society are welcoming much development in the 21st century. With the combined efforts of 1.3 billion people, DHgate Wholesale will enter a new phase in the 21st century and create a miracle for its people and the world. Learn more about Reasons to learn Chinese and China facts.

It is recorded that Yuanmou man is the oldest hominoid in China and the oldest dynasty is Xia Dynasty. From the long history of China, there emerge many eminent people that have contributed a lot to the development of the whole country and to the enrichment of her history. Among them, there are emperors like Li Shimin (emperor Taizong of the Tang), philosophers like Confucius, great patriotic poets like Qu Yuan and so on.

Prehistoric Times (1.7 million years --- 21st century BC)
Xia Dynasty (21st --- 16th century BC)
Shang Dynasty (16th --- 11th century BC)
Zhou Dynasty (11 century BC --- 221 BC)
Western Zhou Dynasty (11th century BC --- 771 BC)
Eastern Zhou Dynasty (770 BC --- 221 BC)
Qin Dynasty (221 BC --- 206 BC)
Han Dynasty (206 BC --- 220 AD)
Western Han (206 BC --- 24 AD)
Eastern Han (25 --- 220)
Three Kingdoms (220 --- 280)
Jin Dynasty (265 --- 420)
Western Jin Dynasty (265 --- 316)
Eastern Jin Dynasty (317 --- 420)
Northern and Southern Dynasties (386 --- 589)
Sui Dynasty (581 --- 618)
Tang Dynasty (618 --- 907)
Five Dynasties & Ten States (907 --- 960)
Later Liang (907 --- 923)
Later Tang (923 --- 936)
Later Jin (936 --- 946)
Later Han (947 --- 951)
Later Zhou (951 --- 960)
Ten States (902 - 979)
Song Dynasty (960 --- 1279)
Northern Song Dynasty (960 --- 1127)
Southern Song Dynasty (1127 --- 1279)
Liao Dynasty (916 --- 1125)
Jin Dynasty (1115 --- 1234)
Yuan Dynasty (1271 --- 1368)
Ming Dynasty (1368 --- 1644)
Qing Dynasty (1644 --- 1911)