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Qinghai Lake

Qinghai Lake is China’s largest salfwater lake。Lake Qinghai is located the Qinghai-Tibet Plain northeastern part, is located northeast between Qinghai Province's Datong, the Riyue, the Qinghai, three go around a mountain, the scenery grand, is our country biggest salt water lake, ancient name Xihu.The scenic area take the high land moor as a main body, has at the same time landscapes and so on prairie, snowy mountain, desert. In the lake has the Haixin, three rubble stones, Niao Island, sea Xishan, the sand island five dissimilar in shape and form islands, the mountain range folds the green jade, the landscape is unique, it becomes by Niao Island is known far and wide.The level of the lake elevation is 3266 meters, the thing long approximately 90 kilometers, the north and south width approximately 40 kilometers, the area 4635 square kilometers, but the drainage area is bigger than the level of the lake 10 times, some 50 short rivers converge in all directions from three mountains, has not gone to sea circuit, thus also is our country biggest interior lake.

The Lake Qinghai lake water oxygen content are few, the salt content is biggest, the plankton is scarce, the transparency amounts to above 8-9 meter, therefore appears especially deep blue.The lake district fill vitality, everywhere the obvious yak, the ox stroll, the flock of sheep grazes, the constitution “the wind blows the grass to see the cattle and sheep lowly” the madrigal -like prospect.The lake district has two big marvelous sights, one is the fishery, one is Niao Island.The blue lake lake is rich in the naked carp, is an abundant bonus natural fishery.The scenic spot mainly has the Haixin and Brid Island. Bird Island is in the northwest section of Qhaihu Lake.Brid Island, outdoes the level of the lake 10 meters, is known as “the bird kingdom” the name, spring, large quantities of sea-birds from places such as India, Nepal from afar arrive Lake Qinghai to multiply every year live south, autumn also takes along the belt female to fly back。The Haixin is called Longjushan island, the area 1 square kilometer, on here, blue water,the scenery to be approximately beautiful.On the island has the temple and the house, the pasture.

The lake offers year-round pleasure. Many prefer when it is a green and lively world. The mountains and grassland wear a green blanket with herds of cattle and sheep dispersed over the grassland. The bank is connected with stretching farmlands, which is prospering with blooming rape flowers and rolling with wheat waves, sending blasts of fragrance to the lake. The water here is also very limpid, which reflects the pretty green mountains in the deep like a mirror. The color changes with time and varies in different depth of the lake, which produces a sense of mystery, hence the name 'Seven-Colored Lake'. As a result of the teeming fish, the mouth of the nearby river has a yellow color to it as the fish float close to the surface. When the cold winter comes, the world becomes a bit quieter and duller, but the glamour of Qinghai Lake doesn't diminish much. At this time, the leaf-yellow mountains put on a new suit of clothes as they become blanketed with new-fallen snow. The snow and ice covered surface of the lake shines brightly in the sun, adding another degree of beauty. The famous 'Icy Fish' are very easy to catch at this time because they are confined by the ice. An interesting fact is that when a hole is dug in the ice, it is easy to trick the fish out of the water.

The famous spots here are Haixin Shan (Hill of the Sea Heart), Shadao (Sand Island) and Niaodao (Bird Island), which are all islands in the lake. Each has their own wonders. Haixin Shan, also called 'Immortal Hill', has temples, lucid springs and green grassland on the island. It is said that Emperor Yang of Sui Dynasty (581-618) had particularly ordained officials to raise horses here. Shadao is famous for its sand scenery, which is also a good place for swimming. Niaodao is the kingdom of birds, which can amount to more than 10 thousand in the summer.

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