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For people who are looking for a place which will open up their eyes about the culture of China, going to Mufu is a good choice. Like the name suggests, this is a place with structures that are made of fine wood.This is also such a grandiose destination because of the intricate decorations for each structure. The rooftops are adorned with beautifully curved tips. The fa?ade is ornamented with traditional Chinese designs. The interior of the mansion is a sight that is absolutely stunning because of the laborious artistry which can be seen in the walls, ceilings and doors.

The great thing about Mufu is that it perfectly blended various elements from Ming, Tang and Sung Dynasty. Today, this serves as an embodiment of the influences that these dynasties have brought to the people.Upon entering the vicinity of the Mufu, visitors would instantly notice the wonderful architecture of the structures. The Naxi nationality has always been known for their impressive skills when it comes to artistry and this place showcases that talent.

Because of the beauty that Mufu has, this has been called by some as the “Forbidden City of the Naxi Nationality”. Yes, comparing it to the famous Forbidden City might not be acceptable for some because of the high respect that they give for this place. However, the splendor of the Mufu is just immeasurable. It is true that this place really is fit for the king.

Mu’s Mansion
This is the main attraction among all the structures in Mufu. This is also the biggest one, covering 8 acres. It also extends to about 369 meters. The Mu’s Mansion looks very grand not only because of its wide scale architecture but also because of the natural elements which blended perfectly with the entire structure. The mansion is facing the east. Its glorious aesthetics is heightened even more because of the Shizi Mountain or Lion Mountain which is situated right behind it.

During the reign of Tusi Mu who ruled the Naxi during the Yuan, Qing and Ming Dynasties, the Mu’s Mansion was treated as the center of politics, wealth and power. The different structures are seen as highly regarded residence because the people living in it play significant roles in the culture of Naxis.

During the peak of Tusi Mu’s reign, there were about a hundred different structures which can be seen in the Mufu. Unfortunately, due to warring that happened during the Qing Dynasty, some of the structures were destroyed. Today, the Mu’s Mansion which can be seen in the Mufu was restored in 1996 to 1999. The restoration strictly followed the traditional structure and the original aesthetics of the mansion.

Workplace and Residence
Upon entering, there are two distinct partitions for the Mufu—the residential area and the office area. The Yishi Hall is also referred to as the Meeting Hall. This is found at the end part of the square. It has been said that this is the space where Tusi held meetings for commerce and politics. There is also a space which is referred to as the Wanjuan Pavilion. This is a section which is filled with numerous books which are about a myriad of topics.

The residential space is also decorated with amazing balustrades which are made of white marble. The place is also decorated with different ancient calligraphy, wisdom and sayings which are from notable Chinese philosophers.For people who are visiting the Mufu, there are times when there is musical entertainment. The performers use Chinese instruments and they are dressed in traditional clothing.

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