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Wuhou Memorial Temple and Jinli Ancient Street

Wuhou Memorial Temple
Located at the southern suburb of Chengdu, Wuhou (Martial Marquis) Memorial Temple was built as a tribute to Zhuge Liang, the Martial Marquis of Shu during the Three Kingdoms Period. Zhuge Liang was a wise hero of ancient China. Chinese respected him to such an extent that after his death many memorials were raised to him across the country.

Of all the Wuhou Memorial Temples throughout China, the branch in Chengdu is the most influential, as it is the sole temple in memory of both King Liu Bei and his Prime Minister Zhuge Liang. It was combined with the Temple of Liu Bei at the beginning of the Ming Dynasty. The current temple was rebuilt in 1672. Surrounded by old cypresses and classical red walls, the temple evokes a feeling of nostalgia.Spreading over an expanse of 37000 square meters (9 acres), the temple is divided into five sections. The five subdivisions of the temple include the Gate, the second Gate, followed by the Hall of Liu Bei, and the corridor. The Hall of Zhuge Liang forms final part of the temple.

Inside the temple there are a number of artifacts including forty-seven clay sculptures of Shu civil and military officials. But the most valuable relic of all is a stele 3.6 meters (12 feet) high and 0.95 meters (3 feet) wide. This is called the "Triple-Success Stele." The first success stands for an article written by Pei Du, a famous minister of the Tang dynasty who served four consecutive emperors in succession. The second success stands for the calligraphy of Liu Gongquan who was one of the finest calligraphers in Chinese history. The third success stands for the great achievements and high morals of Zhuge Liang. These Chinese heroes and their works have been remembered for generations. The stele's memorial ensures that they won't be forgotten.

The temple is a window into the great personality of Zhuge Liang. It highlights his charming personality, his dedicated service to the people under him as well as his remarkable intelligence. He can be called the "Solomon of Ancient China."

Jinli Ancient Street
Located in the east of Wuhou Memorial Temple, Jinli Ancient Street (Jinli Old Street) is modern commercial pedestrian streets that embed into Chengdu ancient buildings which originally built during Qing Dynasty (1644-1911).

Over 350 m (383 yds) in length, Jinli Ancient Street is the concentration of Chengdu nightlife, snacks and folk culture. There are many cafes and bars here - including Starbucks. They blend modern elements with the old buildings harmoniously. It is enjoyable to sit on a wooden or bamboo chair with a cup of delicious coffee. When night falls, the whole street is decorated with beautiful red lanterns on the each eave of the ancient buildings. These cafes or bars are the perfect place to take a break, rest, and soak up the local culture.

As well as the bars, Jinli Ancient Street is also the paradise for gourmand. It contains large amount of Sichuan restaurants which provide famous Sichuan dishes and snacks - Mapo Tofu, Fu Qi Fei Pian and so on. Very few people who visit this part of China leave without becoming hooked.

Strolling down the narrow street, you will find yourself surrounded by old-world stores selling lacquer products, folk handicrafts, Shu Embroidery and calligraphies. You can browse leisurely or purchase some souvenirs for your friends. Most of the special local products can be found here. You can find folk artisans putting on funny shows such as a puppet show. Some traditional arts such as paper-cut and clay figurines made by the skilled craftsmen are sold here. From these artworks you will get a taste of the true life of the local people and find some reminders of China's past in the modern city.

Jinli Ancient Street's reputation is spreading all over the world since it opened to public in 2004. Reflecting both the diversity and integration of Sichuan custom and folklore, Jinli Ancient Street is a must-see location in not only Chengdu, but also in China as a whole.





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