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Niubei Mountain

Niubei Mountain
Niubei Mountain lies in Ya`an city,Sichuan province,neighbouring Luding county.As the branch of Erlang mountain,Niubei Mountain is the divide of Qingyi River and Dadu River,with a total attitude of 3600m. The name of Niubei Mountain comes from a stone on the top of mountain, which raises as the back of the bull.Niubei Mountain is a newly developed attraction which has been known to the world only since 2009.

Niubei Mountain is famous as the biggest sightseeing stand in China for its perfect wide vision. With Mount Gongga stand highest,Mud mountain,Niangniang mountain,Wawu mountain,E`mei mountain, Jiajin mountain, Siguniang mountain and Erlang mounatin in the front and Dadu river grand canyon in the back,almost all the famous mountains in Sichuan are included from the view of the Niubei Mountain.Looking around, you will find rolling mountains well-organized, displaying different layers. Besides Mt. Gongga, the highest mountain in Sichuan province, all the other famous mountains in Sichuan are in sight too, such as Mt.Emei, Mt.Siguniang, Mt.Jiajing and Mt.Erlang.

One of the most spectacular scenery that can be captured at Niubei Mountain is the waterfall of clouds or otherwise known as the sea of clouds. The dream like view is truly magical as you feel like you have been transported to a wonderland.The waterfall cloud is everywhere, making the tourists feel like roaming in the Hallelujah mountain in Avatar. Flying over the lofty mountains,the rolling clouds gradually blending into the plain of Sichuan.Even the senior tourists and shutterbug will be shocked by the amazing scenery of Niubei Mountain. Since its introduction to the world of tourism in 2009, Niubei mountain’s popularity is growing quickly and attracts many photography lovers who want to capture the unique picturesque view.The stunning waterfall clouds plus the thick and even cloud sea by the Niubei Mountain stretches afar smoothly, makes you feel like walking at the Hallelujah Mountains in the movie of Avatar.



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