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Dege Scripture Printing Lamasery monastry

The Dege Printing House, a culture treasure-house among the world, topping the three biggest Printing houses, the Key Cultural Relic under State-level Protection. The full name is the Great Zha Xi Guo Mang Printing House, also named "Hall of Dege Intelligence". It lies in Dege County, covering an area of more than 1,600 m2, located in the north and facing to the south. The grand and solemn Paining House represents the distinct Tibetan temple building characteristic.There are more than 210 thousand printing plate and a few Buddhist painting boards except a few of the back page is carved in one side, all of others are carved in both sides.

In the 7th year of Emperor Yongzheng’s(1729) Reign in Qing Dynasty, The Dege Printing House was established by the 6th King of Dege Queji Dengbazeren to print and store Buddhism classics, and other classical books in history, astronomy, maths, language, literature, art, and medicine, etc. “The Great Buddhism Classics” inscribed in Qing Dynasty in Dege version is famous for its exact proofreading and delicate handcraft skill in the world. Other famous ones include “Four Classics in Medicine”, “The History of Buddhism in Han Area”, “The History of Buddhism in India” and “The Thirty Rules in Tibet”, etc.

The carved board is made up of red birch wood. The painted books went around both in at home and aboard. The Dege Scripture Printing House is regarded as one of the three Printing houses in history, as other two are the Budala Palace Printing House in Lhasa, Natang Scripture Printing House in Rigeze, and it is the only one existing till now and is regarded as the treasure house of Tibet.The Printing house has stored the printing plates of Ganzhu’er, historical biography, poems and music, drawing edition and mural Painting, the collected books are up to more than 630, besides nearly 280,000 printing plates, which regarded as the standard printing plate all the time in the Tibetan area. Both the large amount and full scale of collected books make it tops the three scripture printing houses in Tibet and enjoy highly reputation in Tibet , China or even abroad. It is also regarded as the sacred religious shrine and the center of Tibetan's culture.


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