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Sichuan Cuisine

Sichuan Cuisine
Sichuan Cuisine is one of four famous cuisines in China, while Chengdu, as the capital of Sichuan Province, is the best place to taste local authentic Sichuan Cuisine. The predominant ingredient in food here is chili. If you are a chili-lover, try some of Chengdu's spiciest food laced with chili from top to bottom. With the history of thousands of years, Sichuan cuisine now has more than 3,000 kinds most of which are famous nationwide.

Sichuan Cuisine one of the most popular Chinese cuisines and Sichuan restaurants has sprung up across the country. It is famous for its many flavors, and almost every dish has its own unique taste, largely because many of the seasonings are produced locally. These include soy sauce, cooking vinegar, fermented soy beans, hot pickled mustard tubers, chili sauce, bean sauce, and well salt.

It is this depth of flavor combined with quick stir-frying over a hot fire, that makes Sichuan cuisine what it is. There are a number of delicious snacks and desserts such as Bangbang chicken, chicken with sesame paste, lantern shadow beef, steamed beef, noodles with chili sauce, and rice dumplings stuffed with sesame paste. Whatever kind of dish you prefer, the sheer variety of foods and flavors available make it near certain you can find what you are looking for.

Dan Dan Noodles
Dan Dan Noodle is a classic dish in Chengdu. It consists of spicy sauce containing preserved vegetable, chili oils, minced pork and scallions. The most famous of all noodles is Chen Baobao's Dan Dan Noodles which was sold by vendor named Chen Baobao in 1841.

Clear Noodles in Chili Sauce (川北凉粉)
Clear Noodles in Chili Sauce has a long history originating at the end of Qing Dynasty. It made from rice and peas after being hulled. Ground peas into powder, filter the dreg, precipitate and then dewater. After this process, it should be heated and stirred into paste and put into basin or plate. Braise Pork Guokui

Braise Pork Guokui (卤肉锅盔)
Guokui is the name given either to flat breads that are baked, and then split and stuffed with pork. The Braise Pork Guokui run in Lao Huang Cheng includes many kinds with different stuff such as chicken, beef and vegetables.

Mao Xue Wang
Mao Xue Wang
Mao Xue Wang is a Szechuan classic. About 70 years ago, a butcher in Ciqicou Old town sold the pig pluck in a very low price while his wife thought it was pity so that she decided to stew these pluck adding ginger, pepper and cooking wine and sold in a stall. By chance, she put some blood in it and found it was very delectable. With the development, present-day Mao Xue Wang comes into being.

Chen Mapo Tofu
Mapo Tofu is a popular dish from Sichuan Province. It is a combination of tofu set in a spicy chili and bean based sauce. Chen Mapo Tofu is a very famous restaurant for its Mapo tofu. Chen Mapo tofu can be dated back to 1862. This dish gained popularity due to a fact that the tofu was cooked by a cook with pockmarks on her face, known as "mapo"in Chengdu dialect.

Where to Eat in Chengdu
You will find no shortage of delicious and spicy food in Chengdu. Spicy food in Chengdu can be divided into non-spicy, little spicy and very spicy. So if you are not a spicy-lover, you can choose non-spicy food. The following information will introduce some famous restaurant and food street.

Chengdu Food Streets
Yi Pin Tian Xia Food Street
Yi Pin Tian Xia Food Street was built by cooperation of government of Chengdu City and Jinniu District government. It is a food street which can represent Chengdu food culture. Taking an area of over 300 mu, this street is packed with many famous restaurants and hotels.

Yangxi Line
Yangxi Line is a very famous food street in Chengdu. There are many well-known restaurants on this street such as Shunfeng Fat Beef, Nantaiyue, Rongxingyuan, Happy Old Home, Red Apricot, Grand Ronghe and so on.

Funan New Street
Next to Yangxi Line, Funan New Street rose last two years featured in hotpots. There are about 20 hotpot restaurants runs various kinds of hotpots.

Jinli Ancient Street
Jinli Ancient Street is a very popular street among tourists and locals. You will find a lot of famous local snack food at low price. It offers regional and fairly affordable street food.

Chengdu Restaurants
Chongqing Qinma Hotpot
Address: No.34 of Qingjiang East Road Telephone: 87338887

Re Peng Jing Hotpot
Address: No.88 of Bingjiang Road Telephone: 86667878

Little Sheep
Address: No.3 of North Xian Road Telephone: 87683328

Chen Mapo Tofu Shop
Address: West Yulong Street, Liberation North Road, Temple Road, Wuhou Telephone: 028-86754512

Wenjun Restaurant
Address: Qintai Road 1 Telephone: 028-86120576

Blue Sea Restaurant (The 2-story restaurant)
Add: #113 Yikuan Rd. Chengdu Tel: 87045474

Marco Polo
Add: #18 Zongfu St. Chengdu Tel: 86711446

Old Canton Township
Address: Shu Rd # 518 Telephone: 028-87522688

Lion Chengdu, Sichuan Pavilion
Address: Double Forest Road 55 Telephone: 028-84350988



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