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Qizanggou Valley


Qizanggou Valley

Located at northern Chuanzhusi Town of Songpan, Qizanggou is at back mountain Between Huanglong Scenic Spot and Jiuzhai valley Scenic Spot. Its beauty was originated from original and serene scenery along the way, which has never been developed by others. There are prosperous grass and trees, huge mountains, gurgling streams, but few people there.Qizanggou valley, in songpan forests of the Northwest, there are seven ditch and three beautiful lakes. Qizanggou consists of Kakagou, A’weng’gou and Hongxing’gou,Changhai lake,Yuhai lake,Caohai lake.

Qizanggou valley scenery, the original has not been developed. Along the landscape, in the 4000 meters.Kakagou, about 18 km from the entrance to the changhai lake. Kakagou about 3500 metres above sea level, changhai lake about 3800 meters long.From Awenggou to caohai about 10 kilometers,about 3500 metres above sea level, caohai Lake camp of about 3700 meters.Hongxingou in huanglong Airport North, Hongxingou pass at an elevation of about 4600 m, Hongxin Lake elevation 4200.

Qizanggou valley most of the time is from June to October every year.







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