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Chengdu Panda Base

Chengdu panda base
The Chengdu Panda Breeding and Research Center is famous for its endeavoring work in protection of endangered species such as giant pandas, small pandas and black-necked cranes. It was awarded "The Global Top 500 in Environmental Protection" by the United Nations, and Chinese Green Science Prize by the state government. The center is also an educational base for the state's scientific knowledge popularization and a workstation for young people who have attained doctorate degrees.

The Giant Panda Breeding Research Base is located on the mountain of Futoushan in the northern suburbs of Chengdu. The Giant Panda Museum is a unique site set up to show Panda related collections alongside scientific human achievement. It houses numerous exhibits explaining and detailing the knowledge that has been attained through long years of research. Presently, the approximately 300 exhibits showcase rare, fine pictures, alongside scientific charts and monographs about the Giant Panda.Situated on the Axe Hill 10 kilometers from the north suburb of Chengdu City, the Chengdu Panda Breeding Research Base was established to simulate the wild ecological environment of pandas and other precious and rare wild animals with an area of 600 acres, a green coverage of 96 percent. 39 giant pandas and tens of specious animals such as red pandas and black-necked cranes are bred here. It is made up of a scientific research building, an open research laboratory, an animal hospital, an animal house, a panda playground, a swan lake, a panda museum, and a comprehensive service department. It is the perfect place for getting close to giant pandas as well as doing some conservation research. It has become the most famous conservation and protection center for giant pandas and "State Science Popularization Base". The Research Base reflects the determination that man wants to live harmony with nature, where people can be well-educated to take actions to protect the environment.

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A great number of plants and as many as ten thousand clumps of bamboos and bushes have been cultivated to provide for the animals' diet and habitat. The base is planned to be expanded by another 3,000 mus (500 acres) of land on which to simulate a natural environment in order to prepare the giant pandas bred for release into the wild.

Right now there is only one baby panda under one year old. The base also has red pandas. However, one gets the feeling that red pandas are the giant panda’s red-headed step-sister. Visitors to this section are few and the price of a picture is only Y50. The red pandas may remind Westerners of raccoons or big cats. They do have beautiful fur and are quite elegant creatures.

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